Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 1.

Listening to:
"Taxi Cab" - Vampire Weekend

Current physical condition:
My legs are slightly sore from my Saturday jog. My stomach feels funny and I have a headache.

Current mental condition:
I've been in a bit of a daze. But fairly motivated…to get some sleep.

I found myself wondering about my decision today, as I do with most decisions that stem from what my older sister says.

I never read the fine print on her packaging and I'm not sure I ever learned my lesson.
It started as I was rushing to work Friday morning, mumbling "I can't be this late AGAIN" to myself and praying for discipline and timeliness. I work through lunch and stay late but still…late is late.
She asked for support, that's all it was.
"I NEED somebody to hold me to my diet!" she said. A Susan Sommers diet. It can't be that hard. Something about staying off of sugar and not being able to eat certain foods together because it imbalances you, blah blah blah.

"Sure!" I said. I was thrilled to help hold her to something she really wanted to do and grateful that she suggested I do it too! I knew I wasn't dependable enough to remind her of her diet daily so there was no better way to support her.

Conversation over a sub:
Me- "Okay…well I can do this. *thinking of my daily snack venture over to the little Asian Cafe* I can just get tea instead of my usual coffee and animal crackers (don't make fun!). I won't even put sugar in it! Now that's a stretch!"
Sis- "It's gotta be decaf".
Me- "What!? Darn. I don't think they sell decaf. Fine. I'll just get orange juice! I love orange juice!"
Sis- "You can't have juice"
Me- "WHAT!!??? What the heck!? It's JUICE!"

And then proceeds the conversation that leads me to wonder now why I didn't ask about this stuff before agreeing.
C'est la vie. And such is a gullible person.

My purpose in this rant:
1. For the next 31 days I'm going to document my occasional pain and suffering *note my current headache and overall funny feeling*. NO, I'm not trying to be cool like the girl in "Julia & Julia". YES, this is a blog and the subject is food-ish.
2. To occasionally update. No, I will not update every day. Am I THAT dependable? Hmm.
3. To learn to cook (more than a sandwich for dinner and cereal for breakfast).
4. To become disciplined.
a. In eating
b. In getting to bed and waking up at a decent hour
c. In being timely

Tonight's dish:

(Yes, I'm sitting on the counter. What? The cats do it.) Some left over chicken warmed with mozzarella cheese melted on top. Sliced yellow squash fried in a pan with butter, salt and pepper. Water.
Overall dish quality:
Chicken was too dry, I found out mozzarella does NOT stay melted (just sorta melts and turns into a stretchy plastic-like substance), and the squash was amazingly good- but a bit too juicy. I'm surprised at how delicious the squash came out though!

I found out potatoes are on the "No-No" list. Seriously!?

You should also make note that I've never enjoyed using pepper and salt more in my life. Seeing as how cooking skills could improve my chances at marrying and keeping my love's appetite satisfied, this month may just prove to be a useful experiment.

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