Monday, March 30, 2009

One of the absolute best snacks as a child...

Peanuts, chocolate chips and raisins. 
Mix them together in a little cupcake holder (you know those little paper cupcake things that you put in the pan?) 

OR if you are in a particularly hard time and the only thing left in the cupboard is a little bit of peanut butter and a bag of raisins...
dip the spoon in the peanut butter and carefully position a few raisins on top, just covering most of the peanut butter.

A great treat for an adult to eat (or one that needs to remember childhood) is much the same. 
Follow the above instructions and imagine that you are totally reliant upon another person and have no income of your own. 
A) Makes it taste so much better because you are truly appreciative of whatever food you've found
B) Saves you money 

I hope that I will be able to feed my children peanuts and chocolate chips but I hope they experience the raisins too. 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hope he's someone who misses me
Who can't wait to see me 
When I talk, wants to know what I'm thinking 

It'll be both ways
And I know he hasn't come  
It doesn't make me sad, I'd rather wait 

Not settlin' baby!
Just dancin' on the dock at the bay 
watchin' the sunshine come my way 

I can hear a song, it's comin'
and feel the dance, soon
I'll take a step and won't touch the ground