Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh my gosh.

So I find that I just like to be random sometimes. 
ha ha ha.
Wait. Isn't sometimes random? Of course.


That says it all. And then nothing. 
The rain is great though. So nice. So nice.
Giggle. Yup. That's me. 

I do like the moon. It was probably one of my favorite pieces. 
the all time favorite would be the lonely, pondering girl sitting on the edge. 
Blonde hair blowing in the wind. 
I'll bet she looked awesome in the rain. All soaked and drenched. 

I do wonder why she was looking at the building. 
If it were me, I'd look out. 
The star is right there I think. 
Such a nice view.
And I really wouldn't mind sitting there. In the rain too. 
So nice, so nice.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh Roanoke...

absence makes the heart wander. 
"If to Heaven's heights I fly 
You are still beside me,
Or in death's dark shadows lie,
You will stay close by me. 
If I flee on morning wings 
Far across the gray sea,
Even there your hand will lead,
Your right hand will guide me."

-If I Flee on Morning Wings, Fernando Ortega 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"She's only happy in the sun..."

So true, so true. 

I've been blessed
my beautiful sun 
I now sit at the window
all day long
just a ray or two
a hint of joy 
escapes the tint
I watch
but never am seen
just a glance at diamonds 
floating on water
and I'm okay
reeds twice as tall 
dip and sway 
dancing for the day 
shivers at the night
which comes so soon
too soon 
close my eyes 
to a little nap 
and back again
so soon 
too soon 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And she's right...

Seriously people. 
It's the fifth month. 
I'm expected to hate this place right now. 
I don't hate it. Hate is a very strong word ladies and toads. 
And I don't hate it. 

I just don't like it yet....totally. 
Some days...weeks...I just don't find it to be the most attractive place. 

Having distractions is nice. 
Having a purpose is nice. 
I must remember my purpose. 

She seems to imply it won't be bad after a year. 
We will see. 

Oh. Ha. Great. I just had a thought. 
But thoughts are sometimes not for sharing publicly. That's why they're thoughts. 
Sorry to disappoint. 

Ah. The other she just got back from having fun with some peoples she thinks are cool. I think they are cool. 

Alrighty boys and squirrels. 
I must go get my tree in order and head off to la la land. 
Too bad I can't see the stars. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

The treadmill really helps...

going from 0 to 6.5 in like nothing 
it's not very smart
of course
one doesn't realize when in a daze
after a long day 
and a strange thing. 
We learn our lessons don't we?   

and then when staring at the computer
the room starts to tilt 
a little too much
a little too now
a little too never
a little too gone 
and I love french 
for some reason

if not for the beauty 
for the odd 
the strange almost jolting 
jump from whispy and sweet
to uncomfortable  
and confusing 
that's just what you are