Monday, March 19, 2012

Business Card

Not to be too vague
or confusing
but it's worth a post
and worth enough to not explain

You see, you don't need this
but I do
A reminder of this
what it was and what it is

You know those things that trigger?
Something unrelated to the rest
But to you it means the world
A simple Business Card

Monday, March 12, 2012


given up
you terrify me
it's because I care
your pain so deep
run so apathetically
as if it won't catch
yet you run
admittedly failed
confessed confusion
do I give up, or keep hoping?

Friday, March 9, 2012


It is very rare that I write when I am in an extremely good mood.
I mean, who has the time to write when you're bouncing around as if the moon's atmosphere has come to earth.

Not that I'm in that state currently, but I am indeed sipping coffee on a lovely afternoon and pondering an event. And if you continue reading, you will find that you have stumbled upon a somewhat smiling conversation in my head.

Thank you, friend.
You have been most encouraging, beneficial and needed. Yes, needed.
You see, one may occasionally need a lift, a smile, a ridiculous happening.
A nudge to breathe, a reminder of spring.
Spring, where one dismisses the bitter and cold.
A lightheartedness. A grin. You see? Be silly for moment, it cannot hurt.
I am grateful for your response.
Relieved that you've not put another weight on my shoulders.
That you let me go on when all the others pull me down, guilt my heart.
Many speak words, few remember and hold to them.
You've proven yourself true.
Thank you, friend.