Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And she's right...

Seriously people. 
It's the fifth month. 
I'm expected to hate this place right now. 
I don't hate it. Hate is a very strong word ladies and toads. 
And I don't hate it. 

I just don't like it yet....totally. 
Some days...weeks...I just don't find it to be the most attractive place. 

Having distractions is nice. 
Having a purpose is nice. 
I must remember my purpose. 

She seems to imply it won't be bad after a year. 
We will see. 

Oh. Ha. Great. I just had a thought. 
But thoughts are sometimes not for sharing publicly. That's why they're thoughts. 
Sorry to disappoint. 

Ah. The other she just got back from having fun with some peoples she thinks are cool. I think they are cool. 

Alrighty boys and squirrels. 
I must go get my tree in order and head off to la la land. 
Too bad I can't see the stars. 

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