Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 3.

Well it's day 3 and I'm wondering more and more why they don't call diets "torture exercises". It's just not right.

Listening to:
"Stronger" - Hillsong Live

Current Physical Condition:
Tired, full and unexercised.
Tired due to my extremely late night and feeling quite nasty due to lack of exercise.

Current Mental Condition:
Dazed again. Did I tell you about day 1 yet? Oh let me….

(Day 1 recap)
Horrible headache coming home from work, my stomach felt funny for the second half of the day. "It can NOT be the lack of sugar from my diet!" I told Sarah as I sat on the kitchen counter eating my sugarless dinner. "And it can't be lack of caffeine, I go days without drinking coffee and I'm fine!" (As I proceeded to slump to the floor and lie flat on my back due to an oncoming light headed spell.)
But you see, what I didn't realize was that those bagels in the morning, bread on sandwiches, juice, white pasta, etc. ALL had enormous amounts of sugar and if it didn't, my body was breaking it down as sugar.
Sarah pointed this out to me as I jumped up in surprise. "Seriously!?" I said. "Oh my gosh! It CAN'T be!! *gasp* I think I'm having a sugar withdrawal!" I said as I fell to the floor with another flash of a headache and dizzy spell.

Oh dear.


1. Timeliness:
Fail. Due to the slush outside this morning.
2. Sticking with the diet plan: Check.
3. Learning to cook: Temporarily on hold (ate the same thing I had for lunch)
4. Becoming disciplined: I suppose. We'll see about bed time.

No entertaining images tonight. Just me drinking skim milk. Enjoy.

Some needed clarification for certain parties:
Let me just clarify that I'm not on a "diet" because I think I'm fat or because I want to do something extreme. I will be doing something "extreme" in the summer, so if that's what you're looking for, please check back in a few months for my skydiving adventure update. It will happen.
As for the present month, I merely seek to encourage someone dear to me and become a little more disciplined in the process.

A brief overview of this "diet":
A whole lot about cutting sugar out of your diet.
This includes white bread, white flour, beached wheat flour, concentrated natural sugars such as juice, and anything that is more 1 gram of sugar. Sigh.
A whole lot about pairing foods.
Since your body breaks down the combination of foods differently and even takes vegetables like potatoes and turns them into sugar, the pairing of foods is quite important.

I can eat meat, cottage cheese, whole wheat bread (with NO sugar), eggs and cheese, veggies, fruit, etc. Trust me, I'll be fine.
And I'll spare you the rest.

The reason for my "torture exercise" called a "diet" this month.
1. To support my dear sister
2. To learn to cook (or force myself to cook)
3. To become more disciplined
-Living without out coffee forces one to go to bed earlier
-Going to bed earlier encourages waking up early
-Waking up early helps being on time for work

So really people, it's not that bad. I'm just ignoring my desire for that wonderful cereal stash in the pantry.
I'm going to discipline other areas of my life now.

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Gian said...

every now and then, throw a shout out to your good asian companion. He scrambles on time management too (also because of the fact that he takes time out of his busy life and waste it by reading this blog). He's also wondering if he's ever invited to this whole sky-diving thing. One last note, you forgot to add that you might have drank (decaf-English Breakfast) tea. Another thing you should know is that I'm routing for ya ;) CHEERS!