Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 11: Bad meal planning

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Let me just tell you what bad meal planning is.

Wheat cereal with skim milk (not bad)
Plus triscuit crackers with cottage cheese and a slice of tomatoe on top (not bad either)

Only problem is, eating them together. Ideally one would eat the "dinner" first- crackers, cottage cheese and tomatoe.
Then, one would eat the "dessert"- cereal and milk.

However, one might forget that in order to keep the cereal crisp and somewhat appetizing it must be eaten first. This leaves the "dinner" of crackers, cottage cheese and onion flavored tomatoes (due to cutting them in onion juice the night before) to be eaten after dessert.
You just don't do that.

Short post tonight.

Current physical condition:
Sick, congested or just random allergies (I never have allergies!). The last two days at work have been miserable. I have no nasal passages.
I'm surprised they haven't chucked me out the window or stuffed me in a vent for sniffling all day yet.

Status update:
Let's just say FAIL. I'm not even going to try that tonight. In bed late, up late, late to work, accidently stuck chicken in my mouth with the carbs.
HOWEVER, tomorrow is a new day!

I'm off to do one of my favorite things: illustrating.

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