Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 5/6.

Day 5...was okay. Not horrible but close to it.  

I've been hanging out with my family late while they're in town (hence my lack of Day 5 update). Of course, whenever people gather the American thing to do is eat. Food everywhere. Pizza and cookies and delicious things. Of course. No further comment, other than what I ate instead:

Day 5 dinner instead of warm, cheesy, delicious pizza:
I found a three grain bread with hardly any other ingredients aside from whole grains from the health section. I can't even say it tasted like plastic, I just don't know how to describe it. You really wouldn't think it'd be that bad at first.
So, dinner was:
Toasted nastiness (3 grain bread)
Classic Hummus spread on top
Sliced tomatoes with a little pepper (Jon, what is UP with you not having any SALT in your house!!??)
THE END…of dinner.

Hello out there:
I'd like to give a shout out to all my readers. Ghostly and visible alike.
Thank you to my one follower, a faithful man and dear brother.
Thank you to my one, recent commenter. A dear, asian companion. (Yes, you should be my asian sidekick for the upcoming sky-diving adventure. Because it will happen. I'm not encouraging you to continue procrastinating, but thanks for reading.)

On another note, I can't remember how to edit this html to make my sentences indent. It's very annoying. And what is up with the varying font!? As a designer, this ruins my post.
C'est la vie. No time for this today.

My goals this weekend:
I'm going to make home made wheat bread. Hold me to it (or at least by Monday night?). Along with finishing some illustrations that must be done by Wednesday and hanging out with my family who came for a visit. Accomplishable you think?
Do the cats love to claw at my butt while I'm sitting at the table for breakfast?

I think yes.


Saturday morning goodness:
Oh. my. gosh.
I've just made the best eggs ever.

Ingredients this morning:
Season all, seasoned salt
diced onions
diced green peppers
cherry tomatoes cut in half
turkey breast deli meat (>1 gram of sugar)
sharp cheddar cheese
sour cream
ice cold water

So it's actually better to sauté the peppers, onions and tomatoes first in a little butter and spices. I threw the turkey in last for a few minutes and then just dumped the beaten eggs into the pan. I've found out that it's best to put the cheese in right before the eggs are finished scrambling. *giggles* I just find that to be an interesting image. Eggs scrambling. Tee hee...
Next time I think that I would get a better result, both in taste and appearance if I scrambled the eggs in a separate pan and then threw the other sautéed ingredients in at the last minute with the cheese. Otherwise, it starts turning into too much of a mushed together dish.

I don't even know why I got sour cream. I mean…it's been sitting in my fridge for 5 days now and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it!
So…I've tried it with eggs. It was quite good. Just a little dollop of sour cream beside the eggs to mix in or dip or whatever you'd like. Quite tasty, and since for some insane reason sour cream is on the "pro-fats" side of this diet (while skim milk and cottage cheese is with the carbs!?), I can mix with eggs and cheese.

Sounds from the kitchen:
"You touch ma' food you dead cat!"

No, Mom. I'm not encouraging the cat to eat off of my plate- she's doing it on her own, free will.

It's such a pretty day outside. I only hope the temperature is as appealing. I'd like to go for a jog.

Cheers to Saturday!


Anonymous said...

hmm...i am a follower...however I wasnt recognized...i SHOULD be...considering...i am at work...starving...yet again..didnt wake up in time! ;)

Also...I feel the pain...when I met mom at the house...they were feasting on krispy kremes!!! outrageous..and

also...i noticed the delish ingredients in your eggs...they were all okay...except for one. The meat. It cannot list sugar at all!!! <1 gram isnt okay. It can kinda be in the ingredients...but on the panel is cannot be listed. there is one I buy...that natural only has that bad potato starch in it...but havent felt bad because of it! I need to start cooking a turkey in the crockpot and doing that!

P.s....PLEASE come over and visit...I unpacked my are welcome to come experiment with it if you would like...I have a recipe too that I created..somewhere...I used plain yogurt instead of oil!

Anonymous said...


Next time I have a hint for your eggs...try cold, diced tomatoes instead of cooking them in...the texture and taste will be better!!! ;)

Doug A. said...

Your cats are cute!