Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 17: Time Traveling

Day 17: Sorry about the delayed updates but I've been time traveling and decided to come back later than expected.
I didn't miss Monday-Wednesday. Trust me.

I have 4% battery left on my laptop and I'm waiting for food to come out of the oven, so this will be quick.

Listening to: "Die Alone" -Ingrid Michaelson
(Except I'm not sprinkling butter over my whole grain bread)

Current physical/mental condition:
I hardly have a comment. It's just too much. I need food and I need sleep.
I'm sorry, I've been a grump.

FRIDAY NIGHT MADNESS: (Recipe #1 for last week)
Home made whole wheat and veggie pizza.
Mikaya, you make wonderful pizza dough. Let's let it rise next time.

WEEKEND GOODNESS: (Recipe #2 for last week)

I know, I know…an omelette isn't much of a new recipe. However, I've never sauteed onions, peppers, tomatoes and turkey meat, added cheese and made an omelet. It's new to me. (Yes, I've made eggs. A lot.)


I KNOW what you're thinking…but I did NOT cheat!
I simply walked up to the counter at the coffee shop and practically begged the girl:
"PLEASE help me! I can't have caffeine. I can't have sugar. I need SOMETHING to drink!"
She gave me a decaf, sugar free vanilla flavored cup of deliciousness. Oh MAN was it good. (I DID check the vanilla flavoring bottle! There were 0grams of sugar. I really don't know what must have been in it instead though.)

I can't count Recipe #3 for last week. I will simply have to live with the failure of not reaching my "3 new recipes" goal for last week.
*living with it*
*over it*

Good. Not that we've got that over with, onto this week.
WAIT! I DID try a third recipe. Umm…it was just something I made up but I'll count it for #3.

SUNDAY LUNCH WONDERFULNESS: Recipe #3 for last week.
Whole wheat burrito shell with refried beans, sauteed onions, green peppers and tomatoes plus ricotta cheese to top it off. Wonderful. Once I sauteed and rolled it all into the burrito, I let it cook a bit on the pan to get crispy on the outside.

MONDAY MADNESS: Recipe #1 this week.

True. The dough was made last week but I thought it'd be great to finish baking it off this week. I let it rise in a covered bread dish while I was at work and promptly threw it in the oven when I got home.
After all, I was rushing around like a coffee addict with no mug and I simply did not have time to spend in the kitchen.
No, I did not burn the bread. However, I did have some trouble removing it from the pan.
As I took it out of the oven and tapped the top of the loaf I realized that it was done. Maybe way done. It'd only been in for an hour but I forgot one minor detail.
Aren't you supposed to grease the pan and/or add flour to the bottom!!?? WHAT WAS I THINKING!?
I quickly grabbed a spatula to try and dig the loaf off of the pan and realizing that the bread sounded more like a freaking' ROCK I frantically searched for a knife.
I then began stabbing the edges of the loaf all around the pan trying to loosen a part, ANY part of the bread from the pan.
Not working.
I turned the pan upside down, tapped it with the spatula, turned it right side up, panicked a little and thought "dang, if Mikaya were here she'd never let me live it down" (much like the cardboard in the oven that I've yet to hear the end of).
After much banging, scraping and stabbing I think I finally pulled the last of the loaf off of the pan after about 15 minutes. Okay, maybe ten. But it was awhile.

Lesson learned. Grease the freakin' pan.

WEDNESDAY WHATEVER: Recipe #2 this week.

Tonight I was way too hungry. A bit of cheese and a jog took up some time and then I ran to the kitchen where I have been since.
The butternut squash was going to be the delight tonight but I found that my poor eggplant was going bad in the fridge! I'm also running low on cheese so it wasn't quite practical to do an eggplant parmesan dish.
I proceeded to slice up the eggplant and layer what was still good in a casserole with a variety of other vegetables (whatever I could find in the fridge really).
The last of a tomato
The last of an onion
Chopped celery
The last yellow squash
Salt plus some other spice
Red pepper
The last of the mozzarella cheese
A little extra sharp cheddar cheese grated on top

Dang. There's certainly a lot of "last" in this dish. It had better turn out at least partially decent.
It's in the oven now. I took it out after an hour, and I'm just not happy with it yet. So I stuck it back in.
The eggplant just didn't seem done. It was a little chewy still! Oh dear. I'm nervous.

I'm nervous AND I'm out.
This week has been a trout swimming upstream.

I mean…what!?


Anonymous said...

How excited am I to see you have a blog and it's really cool.. just like you. I'm following you now! :-) Had NO idea you were on blogspot, but plum giddy that you are. The food looks delicious. I'm also not eating sugar or taking in caffeine.. so that's pretty cool as well. Love you, girl! Oh, and it goes without saying that I miss you.. but then again.. I did just say it.

LouAnne said...

OK, so that was ME, LOUANNE who just wrote that comment above. Even though my husband would also find it very cool that you have a blog and we can keep up with you. :-D LOL!

Lael M. said...

LouAnne! So good to hear from you! I was on blogspot awhile ago and then let it die for awhile. I've revived it for my 31 day diet-ish thing I'm doing.
No sugar, no caffeine. You too!!?? Amazing. Except...after 31 days...I'm totally back on sugar. ;-) I think I will have developed some good habits by then though...and might even stay off of caffeine during the week.
I miss YOU! I'm going to go check out your blog...tee hee...I see a lot of food ;-)