Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 7/8.

"Say 8! Say 8!" -Brian Regan

Just sayin'...Brian Regan lovers...this diet is an 8. I just hope nobody with a broken femur comes after me now.

Listening to:

"Dish and the Spoon" -Jon Troast

(Mmmm…reminds me of toast…and delicious raspberry jam.)

Current Physical Condition:

Tired. Very tired. I also haven't had much energy for the past two days at least.

Current Mental Condition:


You know, I should really do a better job at tracking results. However, with my inability to even keep up with posting lately, I don't think I should add another task.


1. Timeliness: Fail.

2. Diet Plan: Check. (Besides I have slight guilt, I ate this raspberry vinaigrette dressing on my salad today, but as I was pouring it on I realized I didn't know what was in it. There could've been sugar and I wouldn't know it. Ignorance is bliss.)

3. Learning to cook: Fail. I'm sorry to disappoint, but I simply didn't have time to make whole wheat bread with my family in town this weekend. And it's not happening tonight. I haven't gotten the recipe from Mom because she forgot it, and my sis will be busy until Thursday at least- so I won't be making bread until then. Excuse? NO! Me!? Of course not!

4. Becoming disciplined: I'm going to give myself a check. 8 days of this is definitely discipline.

I'm realizing that I can put up with a lot. If I'm not being challenged to improve on what I'm eating, then I just keep eating the same thing.

For example, tonight I came home and rushed back out to meet someone. In about 45 minutes I packed a bag of clothes, made lunch for the next day and stuffed my face with the quickest thing to eat- Triscuits and cottage cheese.

A sufficient dinner? Hardly.

It was easy and I'd done it before. For lunch tomorrow, I fried up two small burrito wraps with refried beans and threw them in my lunch bag along with a few pieces of lettuce. I'll heat the burritos up and then peel them apart a bit to stick the lettuce in. Darn, I forgot tomatoes too. Oh well.

I also threw in an apple, a small orange thing (you know, one of those oranges that you peel and it ends up being about a bite and a half altogether- woot), and some fresh blueberries for breakfast.


I want to cook 3 new dishes/meals a week.

My supervisor always inspires me with her love for cooking and easy, new dishes and she didn't fail me today. We got to talking about this Susan Somers 31 day diet that I'm on, and I decided that I just couldn't go any longer without trying a few recipes.

So, I will. Three a week I think.

And now, I've got to get some sleep before I croak.

Last night, I had a headache so bad that I got nauseous as I drove around an exit ramp and promptly crashed when I got home (9:45 by the way). Maybe that will make up for me not being disciplined tonight.

Toodles peeps. Here's to spring.

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