Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 2.

Listening to:
"Don't Panic" - Coldplay

Current Physical Condition:
Just fine. A bit tired…then again…it's late. 11:02 pm.

Current Mental Condition:
Apathetic. But not in as much of a daze as yesterday.

Pardon the disorganized mess of a blog update below. It's quite late and I'm quite tired.

Status Update:

1. Timeliness: Check. On time to work for the second day in a row.
2. Sticking with the diet plan: Check-ish.
I accidentally took a swig of milk with my breakfast of eggs and sharp cheddar cheese this morning. BAD. You can't mix the pro-fats (eggs and cheese) with the carbs (milk).
I also accidentally fried the yellow squash with butter (totally fine) BUT I mixed this in with the whole wheat pasta for lunch tomorrow (mixing pro-fat butter with whole wheat carbs). It's not going to kill me…but I'm just trying to stick with the strict menu.
3. Learning to cook: Check-ish.
Tonight I made a mad dash to Food Lion. Starving. Desiring something other than meat and veggies. WHAT? What do I want? CRACKERS! Crackers and tuna! But nooooo….I can't mix carbs and pro-fats.
I took my sister's advice and decided on the cottage cheese.

Discovery: Triscuits and cottage cheese do in fact taste good together. I found this out as I stuffed my face with this delicious new snack while making lunch for tomorrow:
Lunch for tomorrow: Whole wheat pasta, fried zucchini and sliced cherry tomatoes. PEPPER AND SALT!

It was quite funny actually, trying to eat dinner, make lunch and get out of the house in 30 minutes. Didn't quite happen.
Scene of the night: Lael throws the pan on the stove along with a pot of water turned on high for a quick boil. Runs around the kitchen pulling random veggies out of the fridge, washing tomatoes, throwing butter on the counter, stuffs wheat crackers and cottage cheese into her mouth.
Starts slicing butter with a less than sufficient knife and as the butter and sliced zucchini gets thrown into the pan she realizes that she has absolutely no idea how to slice veggies quickly. Starts to hear a sizzle…it grows louder…realizes the pot is boiling over for the pasta. In between turning down the water, throwing pasta in and stuffing her face again she realizes that she hasn't stirred the zucchini once and promptly throws herself across the stove to grab a spoon and man both sides of the stove at once, while chewing another cracker.

4. Becoming Disciplined: Check and fail.
Going into the day was fine, I came home and made dinner and lunch for tomorrow. However, it is now 11:53 and I'm still at a friend's house brainstorming for an art project. Brilliant. JUST WHAT is going to happen when I'm falling asleep at work tomorrow and CAN'T HAVE COFFEE!!??

C'est la vie, eh?

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