Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 10.

Listening to:
"White Man's Blues" -Edgar Winter

Song of the day:
"Freedom" -Uhhh…Prince of Egypt soundtrack

Current Physical Condition:
Very, very stuffed up. I can hardly talk sometimes because I'm so stuffed.

Status update:
1. Timeliness: Fail.
2. Diet Plan: Check
3. Learning to cook: Check-ish
4. Becoming Disciplined: Fail.

I went to bed uber late last night, this morning was a disaster and tonight isn't looking better. No worries, tomorrow, by the grace of God I will get up.


Okay. We're going to make something simple but hopefully delicious.
It's a little scary because I'm going to try to use that "bread" again. That nastiness.

One minor issue (Mikaya, PLEASE don't kill me). I had to use olive oil…my onions were sticking to the pan! But I just put a little in the pan for non-stick purposes. I didn't see anything on the "carbs" side that I could use!

I'm infamous for burning toast and overcooking my veggies. Thankfully, neither of those happened tonight. I sauteed some onions and green peppers until they weren't crunchy but not quite slimy. I almost always cook them to slime, so I'm glad I've learned when to turn the heat off. Sheesh.
I experimented with a few different spreads on the "bread" this time:
1. Refried beans
2. Ricotta cheese
3. Hummus

I toasted the bread first and then spread one of the above options on. Then layered a tomato slice, onions and green peppers. I topped it off with either a bit of ricotta cheese or hummus for class. One of them I added some lettuce to the layers.
I have to say that my favorite was ricotta cheese with tomatoes, onions and green peppers.
Funny thing, when I toast the "bread" and layer it with so much…it doesn't taste bad!

I would also just like to say that I am consistently, totally insanitary. I mean…the roomy is gone for the week and no one else is going to be eating out of the ricotta cheese or refried bean containers! Snacking and double dipping is essential to cooking. Especially when you skipped lunch and you're home from work early and famished.

Kate: don't eat out of the ricotta cheese, refried beans, cottage cheese or drink out of the skim milk for that matter. It just doesn't matter when you're single and cooking for one.

I must go. My eyes are red and I still have some illustrating to do.

The culprits trying to steal my precious food tonight:

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