Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where will you be?

Some say they have dreams
sometimes I have thoughts 
you know...
dreams when I'm awake

real as anything 
conviction and fear rising up in me

I want to shout "CHOOSE LIFE!! CHOOSE LIFE!!!" 
every time I think about it
when I think of the little eyes 
the tiny hands 

an incredible urge to jump up and shout

have we no regard for truth? 
have we been that blinded?
who do we follow now who tells us these lies?
and are we content to live in a way that says 

maybe we like being in charge of our own lives 
I remember wanting to be in charge of my life
I remember wanting to control

I have found that this life is not worth living for me 
I see something more
something so unbelievable and beautiful 
I can hardly tell you 

so sometimes I keep silent  
I watch and wait
for God to do a great work

He has done it in my heart
He will do it again
there is nothing I can do to lose His grace in my life 

I may be silent now 
but one of these days
I feel I may be in the middle of a crowd 
and conviction will rise up in me 
and I will shout 

where will you be? 

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