Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm obviously an idiot for being nice. 
Naive, they call me. 
Ditz, must be what they see.   

But one of these days 
they might see the reason I'll befriend for a time
yes, my motives often aren't right (I am redeemed, saved, not perfect)
but often I just want you to be happy
I want you to see the truth 

I look at your eyes and want to cry 
for I see a beautiful life, but such a wretched heart 
I love you
to say it would be improper but it's the truth 
I know not how to tell without scaring away

I often come upon one who seems especially lost in this world 
yet I cannot find a way to say I care
I wish for them, pray for them to know

I do cry inside 
and sometimes my tears decide to slip away 
it's not for me really, it's for you 
it's for what you don't know, the life I wish that I could give you

it's your choice though 
I cannot choose for you 

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