Friday, September 26, 2008

should've taken a message and a bottle
thrown it out to sea 
how honestly I would've loved
rocks and shards at my feet  

salt and water dripping down
bleeding ink but not a sound

should've grown up a little 
realized they tell the truth here 
when they say dirty they mean dirt 

sick of truth when the truth is sick
yes, I'm young
leave me be 

don't want your games and foolery 
be an idiot if you must 
but don't tempt me 

is it my fault you think this way? 
what to do? 
everything is wrong
I never get it right

I don't want to need you so I go away to be alone 
if I go away to be alone
I am found searching

such a contradiction 
this heart of mine 
so unpredictable 
so untrustworthy 
so terribly wrong 

forgive me, Lord
this is what I am without you 
I am dirty too 

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