Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I was so tired yesterday that I was very close to nodding off in front of my boss on a conference call. 
I think it was the fact that these people just talk a lot. 
What ever happened to getting to the point and getting done?   
They've got to work on some time management skills.

I've got to get this done. 

according to some, the world is coming to an end this week
the stock market is crashing 
all they can do is stress 
and fear 

No, no, no people. 
See...yes. The world is coming to an end. Eventually, in time it will. 
Fear? Yes. If there's no certainty I would suggest being very afraid. I would be too. 
But isn't there another option? Don't you think there's more than living and dying? 

Hide and seek. We can only hide for so long. 
Calm down. Listen.
Listen to more than the rambles flying around your head 
paralyzing fear 
causing one to run through life
capture all you can
don't forget the good times 
this is all we have
so take it while you can

This is all we have!?

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