Monday, September 29, 2008

I am currently hyperventilating 
I looked up the definition 
I think I really am 

If I counted the number of times I've been on the phone with adobe cs
and went on a date for every time
I may actually have a man by now 

not that I want some random guy
don't get me wrong 
I don't know if I could take it
if one more person suggested hooking me up

yes, that's the correct address
yes, I ordered that three weeks ago 
after I called 8 times and sent about 10 e-mails 
over a period of 30 days 

yes, I got an order # 
You're not finding any info? 
Oh really? 

Must be me then 
cause someone's the idiot here 
I only crashed my hd 
lost my contacts
billing info 
lists of things to do someday 
books to read
awesome art to check out 
websites to visit 
money I owe
my crazy pictures... 

I was told that if they were me
they'd be crying 

well wait for the day no longer my dear friends 
the time has come 
my make-up is smeared and the desk is wet 
I kid you not  
I lost it  

if dad out of a job 
in the ER  
work backed up and insane
being gone for a week 
and missing Grandpa's funeral 
along with the rest of the family that I never see
and the stomach turning stress of dealing with dumb people 
wasn't enough

crash my laptop  
destroy my files 
lose my order and make me feel insane  

I tell you what 
that's what 

Ok. I'm fairly sane now. 

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