Thursday, November 20, 2008

When the sporadically emotional type starts crying, don't ask why. They may not stop.

No. I'm not going to bed. 
I'm sorry, I lie sometimes. 

You know in those hours 
when your mind struggles to wake 
because with every nerve and muscle and every cell 
your body knows 
just knows that sleep is imperitive

well the mind, confused 
continues to put together assumptions of life 
and being and breathing and what the future will be 
in five minutes and sometimes five years

oh the years are most interesting
awaking with such an odd feeling 
uncertainty, confusion 
wait, was I there? will I be? What? Stop. No. 

Just stop. 
Sweet, so sweet. Is it just me? 
Am I stupid again? Overreacting? 

Ah. How shallow I can be. 
I wonder also if days like this always follow dreams like that. 

I've never been the sporadically emotional type
maybe I was just too young
for now, I'm fine
but if you catch me cryin' 

don't ask why


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