Monday, March 28, 2011

Ode to the flat duck:

Post to Appease my Friend Eric

ducky dear
it is quite clear
that you are flat
and far from fat
I'm sorry that deeps
he made you peep
when running over
with his chair
please forgive
the unfortunate error


Eric Hannan said...

Mildly amused... Not Appeased. You need to write more

Courtney said...

Not that I dare to do this in two different places in the span of two days, but I gotta agree with Eric on this one. Sorry!!!!! *ducks to avoid the oncoming slug* <3 ya!

Lael M. said...

Wow. *insert mildly abused common meaningless word here for Eric*
Courtney- fitting.

Eric Hannan said...

Whats with the hostility towards gentle ol me? Just trying to encourage a friend to fan into flame the gift of God within her...