Thursday, January 1, 2009


Fruit-orange is a grapefruit dontcha know? 
To a 5 year old anyway. 

"Where were you last night?" 

"I went to a party. Came home late, you were already in bed.
We had food...and lots of people.


"Then I got bored. 
And came home."


"I didn't know anybody."

"You shoulda asked them to be your friend." 

"Heh, I guess I coulda done that, huh?" 

A day off unexpeted is a nice thing. 
Unless of course you are pretty behind at work...then it's just annoying. 
No, I'm not a work-aholic, I just need to pick up my pace for the next six months. 

There's a nice view of the water here.
little table and chairs by the window. 
There's a lot of little circle marks all over the window. 
Nerf darts most likely. Gotta love it. 

He likes his New Year hat. 
"Some people wear it like this....*tilts hat back* and some people wear it like this *tilts hat to side* but I like to wear it like this *tilts hat to front*. You that animal with a big pointy thing that can stick in know!"

"A woodpecker?"

"Yeah! It can stick in wood....No! Like....uh..."

"Oh! A rhinoceros."


So I need to go clean my room, check my money, do my laundry, go for a jog (yeah right! It's frigid. Though I should go.), find something to wear, design a postcard on my time off, pack, string my guitar, do my nails, burn a few cd's, draw a few things, and breathe. 

It's most entertaining
yells and chest bumps
high fives
runs outside
shouts of joy
like a bunch of maniacs
welcome New Year
I don't mind
smiles and laughter

Happy New Year all! 

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