Monday, January 12, 2009

As a side note...this is not sarcasm.**

Would just like to point out that I will leave this post with an extremely positive note....

once I've let it out. 
*releases heavy sigh* 

Man. I need a gym in my house. 
Sometimes I have to keep myself from wondering if I'm actually going to make it in this industry. 
I'm definitely keeping myself from thinking that.
See? *tosses thought* 
Thought gone. 

I need to....go do something.  
Like finish a drawing.
Or eat some chips!!! 
Yes! AWESOME! That's exactly what I want to do after skipping lunch by accident and over-eating when I get home and skipping the gym is EAT SOME CHIPS!!!!!!!!!! (**except for this thought here)

*jumps around...hollers...flails arms like Sarah* 
I am off to do that very thing. 

OR find those peanut m&m's!!!!
There actually were some left over after the candy war late that night. 
GEE!!! I love life!!!!!!!

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